A Hobby For Travelers – Collecting Shot Glasses


When my brother got a great new job that allowed him to have plenty of free time, he came to me to ask for my advice on a new hobby that he could take up. I’m not a fan of the usual stamp or coin collection hobbies that everyone seems to have, so I suggested to him a hobby that I find very interesting and one that I would like to take up myself at some point in time.

I’m talking about collecting shot glasses. Now, this is really two hobbies in one, because it’s actually all about travel. You travel to as many different places as you can and pick up shot glasses from the souvenir shops there. You could, of course, sit at home and order them from somewhere, but that’s not much fun, is it? This hobby is really great for someone like my brother who loves to travel and also has the time to do so as he works only three days a week (I know, lucky him!). Also, you could collect shot glasses that contain the logos of your favourite sports teams, universities, hotels and so on. An important thing to keep note of is that shot glasses usually cost just around two to four dollars each and the only reason for you to ever pay any more than that is if you’re sure that it’s a rare and authentic piece.

Once you have a good collection of shot glasses, you’re going to want to display them. It’s important to display them the right way because the value you attach to your collection is going to be judged by how they’re put on display. What I told my brother was to get a display case made specially for displaying shot glasses. These are wall hanging cabinets made from wood with a glass door and sometimes glass shelves. After some research, I found that a good place online to get shot glass display cases from this website.

I recommend this hobby to anyone who travels because I think it’s a great way to remember all the places you’ve visited. The collection, displayed in your living room, will be a great conversation starter and something that you can really be proud of.

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The Tried and True Military Style Jacket Fanatic

The tried and true military style jacket fanatic does not need a celebrity to walk around in a military jacket to like the style. Military jackets are a choice they will make repeatedly and regardless of who likes the style. Military style jackets have been a popular choice and some people will choose the style over any other jacket available in the market.

The military jacket fanatic may have several styles he can choose to wear with his wardrobe depending on the event he or she is attending. If the person is a true fanatic, they will have more than one of the military style jackets in their ensemble. Do not expect the true military style jacket fanatic to change their view when asking their opinion about your jacket style. If you have a military jacket chances are they will like it and if you do not chances are your jacket may look good on you but they would never wear it themselves.

If you want to find good-looking military jackets, the fanatic can tell you all the places that sell them and can help you pick out the best-looking styles too. They are like any other person that enjoys a particular style in fashion when it comes to learning the cost and availability of the style. When it comes to the military style jacket fanatic, chances are you will get an interesting history lesson when the style is the topic of conversation.

The fashion has had a long-standing following and this maybe the reason it continues to resurface in popular trends around the world. There is a military style jacket fanatic born every day. The fact the design has so many qualities touches nearly all lifestyles. If you cannot decide on the best-looking style, ask a fanatic near you. Chances are you have a relative who is a fanatic about the design.

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